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One Topic  |  Six Hours  |  Rank

An App that publish a topic every six hours. 
Users can post their comments and stories around the certain topic within the certain time.  
A new way for social communicating and share your thoughts.

Anything can be a Topic.
The topic is connected to everyone.
Each person has his or her own idea and story.

Do you have the moment that you feel you are in the social mood, but there are no more to refresh and you do not know what you should post about. Or you already know those people so much that you can tell their life stories and point out exact same words they goanna use on their next twits? Topicing, as the name suggested: Topic add ing. This is an on-going community post topics for users to share their thoughts.

One topic for now: All users are comments around the same question.
You do not need to worry what you should talk about or it keeps showing the old stories.

Six hours limitation: The topics are refresh every six hours. Why six hours is like what I explained at beginning. The investigation on 170 people gave me the average number: “Regular social period”. After six hours, a new topic will come out. What already post is just for view.

User Posts are in rank: Definitely value your time. For different topics, there must be different specialist, whether they have experiences about it or he just so humor that everyone cannot help like his answer.

A stage for argue and debate, or just provide a tip for other people.

Everyone has his own special experience and thoughts: see the outside world through others’ eyes, share the funny moment, or simply give yourself a space to think.

Special Holder:
Topicing has certain Special topics. 
Certain six hours will control by appointed holders, mostly are leading by big news.

Topic followed, Time restriction, more extensive and comprehensive, rank oriented
Special holders and topics, Anonymity and invite comment

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