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UI & UX Interaction Designer BFA at Parsons |  NYC


This project is started with the initial question: human relationship with planets and universe. 

Space always seems far far away from our real lives and even our grandchildren may not able to make a tour and take a group photo with planets. I have been curious about that mysterious field for a long time, but when I need to answer the question: what do you know about the space, I could not answer no more but the surface knowledge, while, since I am not curious about since. 

At that point, I realize that my notice of planets was not attracted by planets orbital period or rotation velocity but the artificial transformation. During the research, I found out that the symbolic use of planet is among various fields and those are the closed moment people “use” planets. Patten on fashion design, graphic icon on package design, anthropomorphic artificial characters, planets are playing a big character with just the appearances. 

Then the special case of horoscopes comes, which is the perfect example of how human connect with universe. Wishes, myth, personality and even compatibility check are all brought together with meaningful. And also raised the question that why do people do not believe it but still use it? A psychology phenomenon about identification and categorizing brought me to the final idea.


Based on the main two characters in my research, human and planets, and further developing and discussion, my direction is to make a Human Categorization Encyclopedia.

Media & Form

Idea Sketches