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UI & UX Interaction Designer BFA at Parsons |  NYC

Media & Form

Book & Package design

Human Categorization Encyclopedia: 

one idea based on the planets / 8 categorizes corresponding 8 planets.

one idea based on representational inherent, physiological & abstracted acquired, mental. Include box cover, 8 small books or cards and 1 instruction book or card.

Encyclopedia always comes with a thick book, including this one. I will based on the information of human make categorizes, like we do for all they other animals. We tend to categorize other people subconsciousness, especially people we do not familiar with. Psychologically, it is a way for manipulating the sense of controlling. Human Categorization Encyclopedia is started at here.


Interaction design

App design

An interactive version is necessary. For better user experiences and functionality, an App is a perfect choice. It will generating the outcome information in an systematic way and intrigued users in various ways, and also available for sharing with other users.