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Inspiration from 君の名は

Inspiration from 君の名は

Your Name (君の名は), a 2016 Japanese animated youth science fiction fantasy film, really made a fever after release. It is kind of exciting minding my topic related with this film. Comet is the key to the storyline, the source of the main two character transported into each other's bodies and the reason why the girl and the village disappeared. Comet and stars are wishful things in common view, but at here is the cause of the destroy. While at the same time, thanks to the comet generated the connection for the main two character.

Connection, which I think is my main way to explore the thesis project. Although people usually thinking the space is far far away and does not matter with do not care, the influence of universe and planets in our daily life is actually nonnegligible. I want to explore those connections. In large picture, time, parallel world, movements; In small picture, art shape, design meaning, and more.

Idea Sketches

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